Katarzynka – Beginning…

Welcome to new, especially for us, world of Blog. We’ll try to show you a piece of our everyday. Thanks to look into back of our store you’ll be able to see how some of decoration or bouquets are created. We wish to show you, often hard, Kasia’s work. Then you’ll be able to appreciate more her toil and put whole heart in creating all of these small and large works of art.

So, how it has started? We can say: trivially. Kasia lost her job in office just after she born a child. Hard times, it wasn’t easy to find a new job. So, how to live? I suggested her to try with flowers. She prepared her own wedding bouquet. She also was helping her friend with organizing hall decorations for wedding and some dances. Why not to try?

(Photo: Krzysztof Grzesiak, Kasia's Wedding Bouquet)
(Photo: Krzysztof Grzesiak, Kasia's Wedding Bouquet)

Just after a couple of days Kasia agreed to open a flower shop. And finaly, at 1st of June 2010 Flower Shop Katarzynka was found. The first step – promotion. We bought 5000 roses, we ordered 5000 leaflets. It was a simple idea. Distribute for free all roses with leaflets at streets of Krakow. It was a flop. Our society has enough people with leaflets at the streets. After 7 hours with 4 of people (we took a family with us) we distributed only 70 roses.

(Photo: Flower Shop Katarzynka, A piece of trunk full of roses)

And there is a question – what can we do with 4930 roses? There was no other way – we had to sell them. We tried at Liszki’s marketplace. It was perfect choice. From the first day we had lots of clients. After three days –Thursday, Friday and Saturday - we sold all of the roses.

We went with the flow. Next weekend and next roses. And so to the end of summer season. All the people in Liszki liked roses from Katarzynka. Why not to like it, if it’s fresh and ridiculously cheap?

As I said – everybody liked us. Well, almost everybody… only our rivals tried to put us away from the marketplace. But we didn’t let them to do it. There was many times we saw them and their angry eyes… From this moment we are committed to the principle: we don’t care about rivals, but we are happy of our clients satisfaction.

Our first watchword was: ‘Flowers don’t have to be expensive luxury’. We’ve connected this philosophy with our experience with roses – and so we created our first promotion – Saturday roses. It is actual also today and, I suppose, it’ll stay with us to the end.

Nowadays, when we are richer in experience, we believe in another idea. Katarzynka it is not only a flower shop, there are not only flowers. Behind that all are people and their passion to work. All of these sleepless nights, sometimes one after another… It’s a heart put in all of plants or pieces of ribbon. It’s sacrifice in name of beauty. Katarzynka it’s people. We are for you – people for people.


I cordially greet and welcome to visit our Blog.

Husband Wojtek