Friday, about a noon. We are in our kitchen – workshop drinking coffee. We’ve just started to plan our evenings works – there is a lot of to do: 6 compositions for the guest tables, main composition for Bride and Groom’s table, composition for buffet. All has to prepared in autumn style – hues of brown, beige and orange. Polish gold autumn.
We’ve already bought all flowers. We need to assign tasks – who, what and when. It’s important neither start to early nor too late. We must have fresh compositions, but we don’t want to work to early morning.
It all seems to be perfectly prepared. But there is something… And we didn’t know what… Something was wrong with whole conception. We brought a laptop from the bedroom – ‘uncle google’, pictures and we started to look for an inspiration.
- What it would looks like, if instead a glass vase we use a pumpkin… - I said aloud, being sure, I’m just thinking about that.
- What pumpkin? – Kasia asked.
- We will hollow a pumpkin. We’ll make a vase of pumpkin. It will be more… autumnal.
In this moment I saw a flash in Kasia’s eyes. Such a small spark, who said so much. Without a word she grabbed a cell phone and made a call.
- Hi, Kasia is speaking. Do you have, let’s say, 10 pumpkins? … - a short conversation finished with a wide smile. – OK! I’ll give you a call in a moment, but have to ask my client first.
- And?... – I asked rhetorically.
- Just a moment… - her answer was so laconic, that I went off to the other room. “OK, I won’t disturb you Lady…”. I was angry. I didn’t take too long, my curiosity was stronger.
- Good morning miss Aneta. Katarzyna Jarosz is speaking, a flower shop… No, no! Everything is all right! But I’m calling you because of some idea. I’ve just sent you an email… No, I don’t want to withdraw. Please check your inbox and tell me, if this conception is ok with you and your fiancé. I know, that the wedding is tomorrow, but we found such idea in the internet… Ok, I’m waiting… - Kasia’s face was so focused. And tensed. I’m sure, Kasia wanted to go through phone to the other side… Finally whole her body relaxed. – I’m happy to hear that. Ok than, we are going for pumpkins. See you later miss Aneta. Bye! – and she put her phone away. – I heard her fiancé shouting: “We take it!”…
In my opinion such a spontaneous actions often give the best effect. Maybe not always we can use those pumpkins, but for Witkowa Chata (Witkowa Cottage) it’s perfect. Here you have some of the pictures from ‘production line’ and final result.
All of the pictures from the hall you wil find here.